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Good Bye

March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

Lead Wheel Weights On The Way Out!

I ran across this press release, I thought it was pretty cool. I always wondered when it would become non politically correct to sell lead wheel weights. Just one of those goofy things you wonder as your day goes by as an auto partsman LOL.  Is it related to classic cars? Only vaguely but I […]

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We Have A New Server!

For those of you wondering what happened to us on the 19th, well my web host chose to move us to a new server. I have been assured its faster, strong more robust blah blah etc etc. Let me know what you think, is it faster? Maybe. Sorry for the outage, but the site these […]

Not A “Classic Car” But Hey Its Just So Cool!

I ran across this video of a Dodge Truck amphibi-vehicle and I thought it was pretty damned amazing and I just had to share it. Maybe someone out there is building one that uses a classic car soon? I can only hope! Happy Hunting! Double click video to go full screen

Make That Custom Pre 60’s Rod Safe

Bring the safety of a modern car to your custom rod. Check out

Mike Gatto’s Bill to Bring Back Vintage License Plates

This CA Vintage License Plate bill now is headed to the Senate transportation committee. If you support the bill, contact your CA State Senator or a member of the CA Senate Transportation and Housing Committee listed below. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 31, 2012 Mike Gatto’s Bill to Bring Back Vintage License Plates Passes Assembly Sacramento, […]

Lone Star XXX in San Marcos, TX , Hosted by the Central Texas Classic Chevy Club

Join us for Lone Star XXX in San Marcos, TX May 4th, 5th & 6th, 2012 Hosted by the Central Texas Classic Chevy Club. Featuring Classic 1955 -1957 Chevrolet Cars, Corvettes, Wagons & Trucks! Weekend events include Car Show, Cruise to Dick’s Classic Garage, Shopping at Tanger & Premium Outlet Malls, Awards Banquet, Entertainment and […]

TV Batmobile Replica Recently On Display at Vancouver,BC FanExpo

1966 TV Batmobile replica front view right, click to enlarge Vancouver recently was the host of a huge comic Fan Expo at the new trade and convention centre, April 21-22, 2012. This was a great show, featuring toys and comics , as well as celebrity guests. The jewel of the show was the reason I […]

April Parking Lot Finds

1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe front view left, click to enlarge I have a couple of cars I ran across in my parking lot wanderings. First up was a very cool 1962 Cadillac Series 62 2 door coupe that was in really excellent condition. The body was straight as a die and the […]

Some Rat Rods

Rat Rods. You gotta love em! I know I do. So it’s time to drool over a few of my favorite rat rods. just pictures with a few comments. If you have more pictures of cars like these please drop me an email. See our contact page for the address. Happy Hunting! click to enlarge […]

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Once Again, Parking Lot Finds

1968 Ford Galaxy XL front view right , click to enlarge I do love posting actual driver cars, and this gorgeous 1968 Ford XL (Galaxy) is no exception. This big swimming pool convertible was a wonder to behold. The paint was in good shape, and the chrome was good for a 44 year old car. […]

More Mecum, More Fun!

1949 Divco Model 49N Milk Truck, click to enlarge This cute little truck can be yours, just get you butt to Kansas City Mo, and bid!. Yes, its more more Mecum auctions, all Mecum, all the time. Well, okay I exaggerate a bit, but there are 2 great auctions coming up. The first is in […]

Tips To Help Ready Your Classic Car For Summer!

Well here we are once again with Spring just around the corner. It is time to get our classic car ready to roll for the Spring/Summer seasons. If you are like me you made an effort to store your car last fall to minimize problems now. However even if you didn’t, fear not we have […]

Antique Auto Show: Old Economy Village, Ambridge, Pa

Something new in Ambridge, Pa this coming July 7, 2012. Mark your calender for this unique event. Note: Updated by Source March 1, 2012 Old Economy Village will be hosting a pre-war Antique Vehicle Show on Saturday, July 7, 2012 in Ambridge, Pa. from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. .Vehicles will be displayed on museum […]

1951 Packard 250 Convertible: Is This Your Car?

Hello to all, my apologies for my absence of late, but hey it is winter time and my projects have been taking priority of late. That being said I have several images of a gorgeous 1951 Packard 250 Convertible. What we want to know is this your car? Write us and let us know all […]

Mecum Kissimmee Auction Results Are In

Mecum Kissimmee, FL Auction, January 24-29, 2012 is done and there were some awesome prices commanded by many classic and antique cars. The list below highlights some of the top sellers of the week. 1930 Packard 745 Waterhouse $225,000 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 427/435 HP, 4-Speed $275,000 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe 427/430 HP, 4-Speed […]

1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Advertisement

1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Ad, click to enlarge 1977 was the final year of the bigger ‘A’ body Grand Prix, a car design that many car makers tried to imitate unsuccessfully. The styling lines of these cars were both curvacious and beautiful. The 1977 year was one of my personal favorites, up near my favorite […]

Repost By Request: 1913 Ford Model T; Ford ‘s 10 Year Anniversary

Repost by Request, originally posted September 2, 2010 Henry Ford’s vision of affordable mass produced cars was well under way by 1913. Ten years had passed since the start of the Ford Motor Company in 1903, and the result was 175,000 cars delivered in those 10 years. Ford’ simplicity of design, a common chassis for […]

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