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Good Bye

March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

We Have A New Server!

For those of you wondering what happened to us on the 19th, well my web host chose to move us to a new server. I have been assured its faster, strong more robust blah blah etc etc. Let me know what you think, is it faster? Maybe. Sorry for the outage, but the site these […]

We Have Gone Mobile!

We have gone mobile phone friendly! Now you can surf our site from your cell phone. It is very fast loading and advertising free! So if you have a smart phone come visit our website and enjoy. It will work with non smart phones as well but I haven’t tested it. Happy Hunting!

Our Forums Have Changed

Our Forums host has changed , we no longer self host our forums. The main reason has come from a continuous problem of bozo fake members from countries such as Russia pushing erectile dysfunction pills to name some items. I am fed up with updating the forum software only to be hacked again. Enough! So […]

Attention Car Clubs!

Are you the webmaster of a local or national car club and would like to have a link in our Car Clubs section, why not drop us an email and we will add you to our car club directory. It’s free! We do ask for a reciprocal link but it isn’t mandatory. Qualifying clubs are […]

Our Server Is Back Online!

Our apologies to those readers of our Magazine , our web host had an unscheduled server issue. We are back and hopefully better than ever. Next post is today, Firebird Part 9. Happy Hunting!

A Note About Our Photos

Hello! For those of you who enjoy our photographs, we are pleased to announce that starting April 26,2011, wherever possible, our new large photo will increase to as much as 1680 X xxxx from our usual around 1280 X xxxx. We realize this may inconvenience some readers, however, monitors today are much more capable than […]

Visit SuperCars @ Just Old Cars

We’ve updated again. Today the 1995 Lotus Esprit S4s is in focus, a must read for 4 cylinder supercar enthusiasts. SuperCars @ Just Old Cars Magazine

2011 Lexus LFA, Read More @ Supercars Site

Our latest supercar is the 2011 Lexus LFA. All the fine details are on our Supercars @ Just Old cars Magazine Site. Check it out! Supercars @ Just Old cars Magazine

Our Supercars Site Updated

Supercars @ Just Old Cars Magazine is updated. A Ferrari GTO concept car that will blow you away with its beauty! Check it out here!

Supercars Website Updated

Our Supercars site has a nice story to read on a Fiat..yes a Fiat! Want to know more click this link to go directly to Supercars @ Just Old cars Magazine.

Our Newest Website Addition, Supercars@ Just Old Cars Magazine

We very pleased to announce our new sub-website Supercars @ Just Old Cars Magazine! This new section will feature Supercars and sports cars from yesterday and today, along the same lines as our parent website. It is mainly finished but will take a little time to get all of the information flowing. Check it out […]

Classifieds, Forums, and Gallery

Just a quick reminder that we have a classifieds, car forum, and car gallery available for your use,. Classifieds are free or by pay if you want a longer running ad. Our forums are for discussion of classic cars etc. Our gallery has hundreds of great photos of full size pictures of automobiles. Check em […]

Join Our Forums: We Need You to Help Make it a Sensation!

Our Forum is available for Classic car discussion for you to use. The Forums are free membership , all you need is a valid email address. We don’t collect any information about you from this site, and your privacy is assured. Join the Forum, post a topic and check back often for replies. Our Forums […]

Our Galleries Are Updated

Visit our old car galleries if you have a moment. Now with over 500 photos of classic cars for you to enjoy. The Gallery is Advertising free, and free to view so why not have a look. Gallery Link

We are now on Facebook!

We now have a Facebook presence. Visit us there for polls, site status updates and to make comments on our site material. Facebook link is here

Our galleries are online now!

Our galleries are up and running. You will find over 300 examples of automobile and truck photographs ranging from 1980’s down to 1900.  Enjoy! If you have more , email them to us at Email. Please include photos, and brief description of the car or truck. Thanks!  Greg

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