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Good Bye

March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 10: 1979-1981

1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th anniversary edition, click photo to enlarge We move along now to our final part of our Firebird legacy lost series. Granted the Firebird line continued for years after 1981, but the 1981 model was last year of the 1970’s body style Bird. this isn’t to say that the subsequent years […]

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Zimmer Golden Spirit and QuickSilver; Hand Built Luxury Cars With An Old Time Flair

Zimmer automobiles were fun hand built cars that had a unique old car styling. They started out life as a Ford Mustang GT 5.0L, but from that point they became a shapely car that mimicked Excalibur’s. In 1978 Paul Zimmer purchased an Excalibur neo-classic motor car to drive around just for fun. He thought the […]

Oldsmobiles Cutlass, and 442 Continued. Part Four, 1978-1988 Final Part Of The Series

1978-1979 1978-1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass models were offered in a variety of forms. The new body style was based on a 108 wheel base, and the A- body would be known as G- body in 1982. The new 1978 was very much downsized, and offered in a notch back “Supreme’ and ‘Calais’, and fairly hideous fast […]

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