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March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

TV Batmobile Replica Recently On Display at Vancouver,BC FanExpo

1966 TV Batmobile replica front view right, click to enlarge Vancouver recently was the host of a huge comic Fan Expo at the new trade and convention centre, April 21-22, 2012. This was a great show, featuring toys and comics , as well as celebrity guests. The jewel of the show was the reason I […]

1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Advertisement

1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Ad, click to enlarge 1977 was the final year of the bigger ‘A’ body Grand Prix, a car design that many car makers tried to imitate unsuccessfully. The styling lines of these cars were both curvacious and beautiful. The 1977 year was one of my personal favorites, up near my favorite […]

1971 Buick Skylark GSX; The Luxury GTO Judge

1971 Buick Skylark GSX Front View Left, click to enlarge The Buick line was mostly associated in the years previous to 1965 as a luxury Fathers car, a car that was for families to enjoy. Not so when the Buick GS models came forth bringing performance and luxury to the family car, squeezing the largest […]

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1974 Ford Thunderbird; It’s Big, Really Big!

1974 Ford Thunderbird, click to enlarge I have a couple of pictures of a nice old boat today. A pretty fine 1974 Ford Thunderbird. Those of you that recall the Thunderbird’s migrated over the years from developmental conception in February 1953 as a sports cars design to ever increasingly larger cars. By 1974 the T-bird […]

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1971 Detomaso Pushbutton Pantera #1365

1971 Detomaso Pushbutton Pantera closeup front view left, click to enlarge Today we have a truly rare car to share, a car you just wont see everyday. The Detomaso Pushbutton Pantera is truly an uncommon sports car without peers. Approximately 5500 units were imported by Ford into North America from 1971 to 74 when the […]

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Corvette Summer at Mecum

Well it was an all Corvette auction at Bloomington Il, Gold Corvette Auction this past June 24-25, 2011. There were some hot cars sold, with one stand out car selling for a whopping dollar. Top seller: Lot S99: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette ZR2 Convertible 454/425 HP, 4-Speed Price: $410,000 The 1971 ZR1 LT1 small block and […]

1978 Chrysler Cordoba; Mounted For Your Pleasure

1978 Chrysler Cordoba junkyard car, click to enlarge Under our “quirky” section today we have a junkyard in Rhode Island’s homage to the 1978 Chrysler Cordoba. For those are too young to recall, the Cordoba was marketed as Chrysler’s upscale midsize car, offering many luxury’s that usually came in much more expensive cars. The most […]

Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 10: 1979-1981

1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th anniversary edition, click photo to enlarge We move along now to our final part of our Firebird legacy lost series. Granted the Firebird line continued for years after 1981, but the 1981 model was last year of the 1970’s body style Bird. this isn’t to say that the subsequent years […]

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1971 Mercury Cougar; This Ones Truly A Predator

1971 Mercury cougar XR7, click to enlarge Usually I feature bone stock cars, as they interest me the most. But then a Predator comes along that I just have to share. This 1971 Cougar is one such Predator. From the outside she looks like a mild mannered 351 cid 2V Cougar XR7. In truth it […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 9: 1977-1978

1977 Bandit Trans Am, click photo to enlarge Here we are in our Firebird saga entering the late 1970’s. Disco was in full swing (ugh!) and Pontiacs were marketed in a glam disco manner. But the best advertisement for the Pontiac Firebird was the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” starring Burt Reynolds. For those that […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 8: 1975-1976

1975 Firebird Trans Am 455 HO image, the so called HO option, really just a Bonneville 455 in a T/A, click photo to enlarge Well…its been a long road so far in the Firebird saga, and we continue this month with part 8, the 1975 and 1976 model years. There were some changes to the […]

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1977 Oldsmobile Tornado; Still A Looker After All These Years

1977 Oldsmobile Tornado, click photo to enlarge The 1977 Oldsmobile Tornado here was the beginning of the end of the big ,long and powerful Tornado line. The Tornado grew from a 119 inch wheelbase car in the years 1966 to 1970, in 1971 Tornados stretched out to 122.3 inch wheelbase size. This made a big […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 7: 1973-1974

1973 Firebird with 350 Engine image, click photo to enlarge Its time to move on in the Firebird saga, moving into 1973 and 1974 model years. From this point on in our little ongoing articles of the Firebird we will combine years. The chassis was little changed from 1972. The bird now was 4/10th of […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 6: 1972

1972 Firebird Trans Am 455HO Engine image, click photo to enlarge we are at the 1972 Firebird year, its been a long road getting here (especially if you are writing this, try writing 1300 to 1500 words each month sometime!) so I am a little relieved to write the 1972 year Firebird. Why? Mostly […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 5: 1971

1971 Firebird Formula Hood Ram Air, click photo to enlarge It’s 1971, 40 years ago this year, and the new Pontiac’s are at the dealerships. Pontiac, despite the new rules at General Motors was still building excitement for its customers, the GTO, the Grand Prix and the oh so lovable Firebird line. It is of […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 4: 1970

1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Front Right, click photo to enlarge The Pontiac Firebird began its journey into the 1970’s with a bold new look. Gone was the notchback look car in favour of a fastback design that would endure for 11 years in variations. The new shape gave the impression of speed and of […]

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1977 Lincoln Town Car; A Car So Big It Had Its Own Satellites :)

1977 Lincoln Town Car , click photo to enlarge It’s 1977, the year Star Wars premiered in theaters, and you were searching for Lincoln, a car that was so big and impressive everyone would know that you didn’t care about gas prices and you loved luxury. Here comes the Lincoln Continental Town Car, a behemoth […]

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