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March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

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1946 Pontiac Car Advertisments

Post war Pontiac began anew building great value priced cars for the US consumer. The Chief was back and going strong. The two ads here are self explanatory and I post them just for fun or those who would like a little reading on these classic cars. enjoy! 1946 Pontiac car ad image one, click […]

1941 Willy-Overland Americar Deluxe Coupe; A Rare Unmolested Model

1941 Willys Americar Coupe Deluxe, click to enlarge The 1941-1942 Willys-Overland Americar Coupe has been one of the most hot rodded cars of all time. The cars came originally with an L-Head 4 cylinder engine that made 62 horsepower that proved to be a rather unreliable engine. To that end the great swooping body lines […]

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1940 Ford Deluxe Wagon; Just A Great Woody

1940 Ford Woody deluxe wagon front view left, click image for a larger view My love of woody wagons knows no bounds, the majesty of these cars just leaves me breathless at times. Finding examples of woody wagons isn’t an everyday occurrence, you usually have to travel to Concours shows mostly to see them, but […]

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The Tucker 48, AKA the Tucker Torpedo

1948 Tucker 48 Rear Bumper, click photo to enlarge I was on the topic of 1948 cars in my last article (see CadZZilla for more) and it had me thinking of automotive visionaries of the past. And the name Preston Tucker immediately came to mind, a man with a vision of a futuristic “Car of […]

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CadZZilla; ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons Unique Vision

1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla rolling down the road, click photo to enlarge You see a lot of custom cars as the years go by and many are truly works of art. Then come a few that are really so exceptional you have to revisit them whenever you have a chance to rekindle your own […]

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1949 Ford Wagon; Everyone Needs A Woody :)

1949 Ford Woody Wagon Front Right, click photo to enlarge The 1949 Ford Woody Wagons were nearing the end of a long legacy of of wood enhanced, and even completely wood cars of yesteryear. By 1949, the woody had become a largely all steel body car, with real wood panels added to the outside at […]

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1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe; A Very Cool 5 Window

1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe , click photo to enlarge The second world war was well underway although the United States had not yet been drawn into the war by the attack on Pearl Harbor and Ford was busily building awesome coupes for the North American car driver. Finding unmolested cars on the road today are […]

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1949 Chevrolet Fleetline And Styleline Coupes And Sedans; “The Most Beautiful Buy Of All”

The 1949 Chevrolet cars were offered in a several flavors for the buying public. The Fleetline Special, Fleetline Deluxe, Styleline Special, and Deluxe, Business coupe,a Styleline convertible, a woody body station wagon, a steel body station wagon, and a 2 seat sedan delivery panel. The advertising called them `The Most Beautiful Buy Of All`, they […]

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