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March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

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1930 Franklin Airman 145; Exceptional Innovation

1930 Franklin 145, click to enlarge The H H Franklin Manufacturing Company of Syracuse NY today is a lesser known car maker of the early 1900’s. Makers of luxury cars the Franklin competed well in this market segment before falling victim to the Great Depression of the early 1930’s. H H Franklin’s best known innovation […]

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So What Do You Think, Is She Restorable?

1938 Ford. Or it was… click to enlarge I ran across this picture a while back and thought it was just a great example of what some barn finds can be when they go horribly wrong… As they say don’t go there unless you are very, very brave! Happy Hunting!

Found: ’32 Ford Roadster. How Sweet It Is!

1932 Ford Roadster Hotrod 427 , click to enlarge The little beauty pictured here today is a truly delicious little 1932 Ford with big block Chevy power! 1969 Corvette 427 big block power that is complete with L88 heads. For those in the know, this means it has 12.5:1 compression, the heads are aluminium and […]

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As Seen In ” The Saturday Evening Post” …Well On August 6, 1932!

General Motors Buick division in 1932 was building big luxury cars that were reliable and gorgeous. And money was no object when it came to marketing their cars to the public as this advertisement from 1932 can attest. A full page ad in color was not a cheap ad to place! And with a price […]

1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe; Rebuilt Ford Tough!

1934 Ford 3 window coupe custom, click to enlarge Who doesn’t just love a great ‘ Lil deuce coupe’ ! The feature ’34 Ford we see here is one such car you cant help but love. Chopped, channeled, overpowered, everything you could ask for in a car like this and more! 1934 Ford 3 window […]

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The Costs Of Investing In A Classic Car

When you’re in the market for a classic motor, one of the biggest financial considerations you will have to make is insurance. Premiums on classic cars are actually, in many cases, lower than regular compact and sedan cars because the former are generally maintained to a higher degree due to their collectible nature. 1938 Talbot-Darraq […]

1938 Graham Shark Nose

I found a few old advertisements for a 1938 Graham to share here. What was remarkable about these cars besides the “Shark nose design” was the engines for these big luxury cars. Graham put a supercharger on their engine to boost horsepower from 90 BHP to 116 BHP . This gave the car a little […]

1935 Plymouth

1935 Plymouth Deluxe Touring Car Sedan front view , click image for a larger view For Sale by Owner, four words we have all seen online, in papers etc..all in anticipation that the seller will have some idea as to what it they are selling. It wasn’t totally the case in the ad for the […]

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1927 Hudson Brougham 5 Passenger; The Other Rolls Royce

1927 Hudson Brougham 5 passenger image, click photo to enlarge The Hudson. Majesty personified. That is the main thing that comes to mind when you see a 1927 Hudson Brougham 5 passenger. The one seen here was originally purchased in late 1926 in Sydney Australia by Dr. Alexander Fairfax, a wealthy surgeon in the city. […]

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1928 White Dually Flatdeck Model 51

1928 White Model 51 Flatdeck Dually Front View Right image, click photo to enlarge An email from a friend of the site came to me recently of a 1928 White Model 51 truck from a farm in Rhode Island New York. I wanted to dig up details on this truck, but that proved more difficult […]

1939 Packard 1701; A Big Concours Beauty

1939 Packard Super 8 Convertible 4 door sedan , click photo to enlarge Today we visit another piece of automotive beauty, a Packard 1701 Super Eight 4 door convertible. The Super Eight being the straight 8 engine displacing 320 cid making 130 BHP @3200 rpm. The engine features a downdraft carburetor and even has automatic […]

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1935 Buick Phaeton Series 90; To Restore To Original Or Not

1935 Buick Phaeton Series 90 Front Right, click photo to enlarge Doing a little surfing recently, a fellow car lover posted some interesting pictures of a 1935 Buick Phaeton Series 90 sedan. What fascinated me so was I was trying to figure out the logic of taking a truly antique car, even recognized by the […]

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1929 Ford Model A Hotrod; The Flames Are Only The Beginning

I recently ran across a sweet Ford ride at yet another car show; a 1929 Ford Model A 5 window coupe with flames and style galore! Ian’s car is a black beauty with a beast to back it up underneath. First off, what we all love, the engine bay of any hotrod wouldn’t be complete […]

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1913 Ford Model T; Ford ‘s 10 Year Anniversary

Henry Ford’s vision of affordable mass produced cars was well under way by 1913. Ten years had passed since the start of the Ford Motor Company in 1903, and the result was 175,000 cars delivered in those 10 years. Ford’ simplicity of design, a common chassis for all models, and drivetrain, gave Ford’s Model T […]

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1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe; A Little Deuce Coupe ‘Sleeper’ Ride

At a recent car show I ran across this sweet little 1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe. At first glance it was looked bone stock, right down to the correct wire wheels for the year. Looks of course can be deceiving, and in the case of this little car, they certainly are! I chatted a bit […]

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1938 Bugatti Type59, T50B; Today’s Bugatti Veyron Had Some Not So Humble Roots

The Bugatti Veyron of today came from roots that go back all the way to 1909. Founder Ettore Bugatti was born in Milan, Italy and he founded his automobile company in Molsheim located in the Alsace. The company quickly became known for artistic highly engineered cars ranging from road cars to Grand Prix racers. Moving […]

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