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Good Bye

March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

Not A “Classic Car” But Hey Its Just So Cool!

I ran across this video of a Dodge Truck amphibi-vehicle and I thought it was pretty damned amazing and I just had to share it. Maybe someone out there is building one that uses a classic car soon? I can only hope! Happy Hunting! Double click video to go full screen

TV Batmobile Replica Recently On Display at Vancouver,BC FanExpo

1966 TV Batmobile replica front view right, click to enlarge Vancouver recently was the host of a huge comic Fan Expo at the new trade and convention centre, April 21-22, 2012. This was a great show, featuring toys and comics , as well as celebrity guests. The jewel of the show was the reason I […]

Some Rat Rods

Rat Rods. You gotta love em! I know I do. So it’s time to drool over a few of my favorite rat rods. just pictures with a few comments. If you have more pictures of cars like these please drop me an email. See our contact page for the address. Happy Hunting! click to enlarge […]

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So What Do You Think, Is She Restorable?

1938 Ford. Or it was… click to enlarge I ran across this picture a while back and thought it was just a great example of what some barn finds can be when they go horribly wrong… As they say don’t go there unless you are very, very brave! Happy Hunting!

The Next Great Auto Tuner Trim? Lets Hope Not!

For those of you that follow my ramblings you are probably aware of my disdain of micro size car wheels, those tiny wheels placed on classic cars. In only very rare exceptions have I found them ascetically pleasing. Then came the spinner hubcap, those goofy spinning center hubs that spin even after the car has […]

Remember, Your Car Isn’t Accident Safe Anywhere!

click to enlarge So you thought you would take your gorgeous 1967 Pontiac Le Mans out to a Wednesday car show in Cypress California for everyone to admire. It will be safe there no problem! Or is it? Well the owner of this car found out that even at a parking lot car show you […]

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1989 Sprint-Osaurus Rex!

1989 Sprint-Osaurus Rex!, click to enlarge The Chevrolet Sprint isn’t exactly going to be a classic car, but it had its place in the tiny engine world. The one here isn’t about that however, its about the strange thing that has been done to it. The car is from Alberta Canada and I suspect he […]

1978 Chrysler Cordoba; Mounted For Your Pleasure

1978 Chrysler Cordoba junkyard car, click to enlarge Under our “quirky” section today we have a junkyard in Rhode Island’s homage to the 1978 Chrysler Cordoba. For those are too young to recall, the Cordoba was marketed as Chrysler’s upscale midsize car, offering many luxury’s that usually came in much more expensive cars. The most […]

Smokey And The Bandit; Goes With Our Firebird Part9 Article Below

As mentioned in our Firebird Legacy lost series Part9, the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” played a big part in Firebird sales in 1977 and 1978. The various car stunts were well done and fun to watch. Some kind YouTube person posted a 3 1/2 minute collage of these stunts and since it fits so […]

Classic Cars In Salvage; Is It Art?

There is something kind of magical when you see classic cars rotting in a salvage yard, or better yet in a field or bush area. Every car has a story, a story no one will ever know anymore. Maybe that Chevrolet killed its driver, maybe that Ford rolled down a cliff, or maybe that one […]

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Womens Liberation Didn’t Live in 1928

Well, I could sit here and spout on about how car makers were such saints in the days of old, but frankly they were slaves to the times. This Marmon car ad is a prime example. Here was a dedicated car advertisement explaining how this car was better and more popular with women ( perhaps […]

1966 Volkswagen Bus; The Heartbeat Of Germany!

1966 Volkswagen Bus Rodded , click photo to enlarge Here today we have yet another crazy custom hot rod that just screams unique. What we have is a vision by builder/designer Bodo Reichert of what a 1966 VW Microbus should really be about. Gone was the mundane 1.5 L 52 BHP air cooled Volkswagen engine […]

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CadZZilla; ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons Unique Vision

1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla rolling down the road, click photo to enlarge You see a lot of custom cars as the years go by and many are truly works of art. Then come a few that are really so exceptional you have to revisit them whenever you have a chance to rekindle your own […]

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Some Accident Close Calls; Real Or Not, You Decide…

Doing a little surfing I came across some ‘captured’ on film close call accidents, for the pedestrians at least, that I couldn’t resist sharing here. I know, some are months ago, and some may be a fake for all I know, but a good giggle once you take your heart out of your mouth from […]

Horrific Queensland Australia Floods

Hmm..I wonder if the 4 wheel drive can pull out of this…, click photo to enlarge Terrible flooding and weather hit Queensland recently, with 18 confirmed dead. This tragedy does have a more happy point of view with some interesting pictures of autos that got in the way of the water. The following is a […]

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A Hollywood Film Car Crash Version

A YouTube clip from the movie Hot Rod, 1979. Since I was on the subject of car crashes in my previous story I did a little search to see what was fun in the world of old car type crashes. Hollywood’s version of a car crash is somewhat fixed, as the car that crashes has […]

Classic Car Wrecks; Don’t You Just Love A Good Smash Up?

1958 Pontiac Chieftain versus 1961 Mercury Comet, click photo to enlarge Car wrecks, who doesn’t just love looking at car wrecks? I know I slow down for them to see what went on, even though you aren’t supposed to do so. Whatever! I ran across a series of pictures that depict a few fun crashes […]

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