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Rat Rod Project; Inspiration For 2011

1951 Ford F1 Rat Rod Flame Thrower, click photo to enlarge Its a new year, 2011, and happy new year to you all. That being said we will fly right in to a sweet rat rod I ran across that deserves a few words here . It is based on a 1951 Ford F1 body […]

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How To Piss Off Your Neighbors!

So you have this collection of 50 odd old cars and you live in a suburban area. I know, park em on the surrounding streets and piss off your neighbors so they can’t find parking! This story comes from KTLA TV news LA. COVINA ( KTLA) — A collection of nearly 50 cars that is […]

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Did You Ever Have A Little Red Wagon?

  This video came across my desk today, and it was pretty good and worth a look. A couple in Alaska built their own street version of a “Radio Flyer” wagon. The base of the wagon is a 1976 Mazda pickup truck (so it meets my Old Car criteria ). It took the couple , […]

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