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The Pontiac Grand Prix Part One: 1962

1962 Pontiac Grand Prix closeup front view left, click to enlarge Grand Prix racing in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s was an exciting time in motor racing. Drivers of these cars were dare devils, often braving crashes and other life threatening situations. The races were always exciting to watch no matter the outcome and […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 10: 1979-1981

1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th anniversary edition, click photo to enlarge We move along now to our final part of our Firebird legacy lost series. Granted the Firebird line continued for years after 1981, but the 1981 model was last year of the 1970’s body style Bird. this isn’t to say that the subsequent years […]

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Engine Building 101; Part 2 of 6: Cylinder Head Preparation

Head back from machinist and ready to install, click image for a larger view In part 2 of “Engine Building 101″ we will explore the cylinder heads of your engine rebuild. Much of this section will deal with what you want your machine shop to perform. Your machine shop will hot tank, bead blast, and […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 9: 1977-1978

1977 Bandit Trans Am, click photo to enlarge Here we are in our Firebird saga entering the late 1970’s. Disco was in full swing (ugh!) and Pontiacs were marketed in a glam disco manner. But the best advertisement for the Pontiac Firebird was the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” starring Burt Reynolds. For those that […]

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Engine Building 101; Part 1of 6: Tear Down

Engine building is an art form, make no mistake, but anyone who is organized and methodical can do the job. This is of course if you have the right tools, and a machine shop that produces quality work, and that you trust. The following is a 6 part series on engine building, with as much […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 8: 1975-1976

1975 Firebird Trans Am 455 HO image, the so called HO option, really just a Bonneville 455 in a T/A, click photo to enlarge Well…its been a long road so far in the Firebird saga, and we continue this month with part 8, the 1975 and 1976 model years. There were some changes to the […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 7: 1973-1974

1973 Firebird with 350 Engine image, click photo to enlarge Its time to move on in the Firebird saga, moving into 1973 and 1974 model years. From this point on in our little ongoing articles of the Firebird we will combine years. The chassis was little changed from 1972. The bird now was 4/10th of […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 6: 1972

1972 Firebird Trans Am 455HO Engine image, click photo to enlarge we are at the 1972 Firebird year, its been a long road getting here (especially if you are writing this, try writing 1300 to 1500 words each month sometime!) so I am a little relieved to write the 1972 year Firebird. Why? Mostly […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 5: 1971

1971 Firebird Formula Hood Ram Air, click photo to enlarge It’s 1971, 40 years ago this year, and the new Pontiac’s are at the dealerships. Pontiac, despite the new rules at General Motors was still building excitement for its customers, the GTO, the Grand Prix and the oh so lovable Firebird line. It is of […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 4: 1970

1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Front Right, click photo to enlarge The Pontiac Firebird began its journey into the 1970’s with a bold new look. Gone was the notchback look car in favour of a fastback design that would endure for 11 years in variations. The new shape gave the impression of speed and of […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 3: 1969

1969 Firebird Trans Am Convertible , click photo to enlarge The 1969 Firebird was a year of big changes in the Pontiac Firebird lineup. All new was the introduction of the totally restyled “Trans Am” model Firebird, a hip new car that offered total styling and performance to boot. The Pony Car market had just […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 2: 1968

1968 Firebird Convertible, click photo to enlarge We began our long journey examining the 1967 Pontiac Firebird all their forms. Today we continue with part 2 and the 1968 Firebird, a much improved car over its 1967 predecessor. 1968 Year two of Pontiac’s Firebird was continuation of the previous year models. Changes to the front […]

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Pontiac Firebird; A Legacy Lost, Part 1: 1967

The loss of the Pontiac brand of cars is a sad day in General Motors history. Car brands from Pontiac included Catalina, LeMans, GTO, Parisienne, Bonneville, Grand Ville, Grand Prix, Grand Am, Can Am, Strato Chief Chieftain and Firebird to name a few. It is of course Firebird that interests us here today. 1967 1967 […]

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Oldsmobiles Cutlass, and 442 Continued. Part Four, 1978-1988 Final Part Of The Series

1978-1979 1978-1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass models were offered in a variety of forms. The new body style was based on a 108 wheel base, and the A- body would be known as G- body in 1982. The new 1978 was very much downsized, and offered in a notch back “Supreme’ and ‘Calais’, and fairly hideous fast […]

Oldsmobiles Cutlass, and 442 Continued. Part Three, 1973-1977

1973 By 1973, Oldsmobile, along with the entire GM lines, changed shape. The Cutlass was no exception. The cars still sat on either 116″ wheelbase sedan, or 112″ wheel base coupe and this would remain the same for the next 4 years. Radical new styling lent a longer and yet more nimble Cutlass line. Models […]

Oldsmobiles F-85, Cutlass, and 442 Continued. Part Two, 1968-1972

1968 1968 saw a major re-style of the entire General Motors A-body lines. The 2 door sat on a 112″ wheel base, and the 4 door had a 116″ wheel base. Oldsmobile’s offering included 2 and 4 door Hardtop(Holiday) coupes and sedans. The new cars were slightly shorter (2.6 inches) but heavier by 75 lbs […]

Oldsmobiles F-85, Cutlass, and 442. Part One, 1961-1967

The Oldsmobile F-85 began on the design tables in 1957. General Motors wanted a mid size car to satisfy a new market need. The cars were to be based on uni-body construction, such as the Corvair was made. The cars had a 112″ wheel base with a small all aluminum V8 engine, displacing 215 cu […]

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