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Good Bye

March 2016 this site is going offline. It was fun, but time to move on. Thanks to all . Regards, Starfire

Make That Custom Pre 60’s Rod Safe

Bring the safety of a modern car to your custom rod. Check out

Six Tips For Storing Your Classic Car For The Winter

Well fall is in full swing so some of you may be pondering storing that classic car for the winter. There are a few things you should do before leaving that car for the winter, especially if you aren’t planning on starting her up periodically during these coming months. I have compiled a short list […]

Classic Car Parts Suppliers For GM Car Enthusiasts

Its always difficult to find good places on the net to find those hard to find bits and pieces to finish your classic General Motors car, be its a 1940’s splendor or 1960’s muscle car. To that end I have few sites your might want to visit to help you along. First up is Collectors […]

The Costs Of Investing In A Classic Car

When you’re in the market for a classic motor, one of the biggest financial considerations you will have to make is insurance. Premiums on classic cars are actually, in many cases, lower than regular compact and sedan cars because the former are generally maintained to a higher degree due to their collectible nature. 1938 Talbot-Darraq […]

Engine Building 101; Part 2 of 6: Cylinder Head Preparation

Head back from machinist and ready to install, click image for a larger view In part 2 of “Engine Building 101″ we will explore the cylinder heads of your engine rebuild. Much of this section will deal with what you want your machine shop to perform. Your machine shop will hot tank, bead blast, and […]

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Engine Building 101; Part 1of 6: Tear Down

Engine building is an art form, make no mistake, but anyone who is organized and methodical can do the job. This is of course if you have the right tools, and a machine shop that produces quality work, and that you trust. The following is a 6 part series on engine building, with as much […]

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Two Same Year Cars, Two Views On Restoration

Going to car shows can sometimes be not dull per say, but just not always as you might hope, lets say. Then suddenly a pair of cars roll in together that catch your eye, a pair such as these two beautiful 1966 Plymouth Satellites. Good friends Sean and Ken are the proud owners of these […]

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Rat Rod, Or Show Piece; Always A Tough Call

To rat rod or not to rat rod, that is the eternal restoration question. On the plus side, a rat rod can cost many many thousands of dollars less than a typical restoration. On the down side, scrubbing that body to get that patina look leads to danger of the body rusting so fast that […]

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Why Not Upgrade That Classic Car With A Crate Engine

Crate engines can be a great way of upgrading a classic ride (if you aren’t interested in the stock value) in a reasonably priced way. Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet all offer various engines and types for you to choose from. The decision to go to a crate engine can be an agonizing thing, and I can’t […]

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What’s New From Holley Performance Parts

New items from Holley Performance that I think are of interest to rodders and performance enthusiasts, and show dress up pieces for your classic car. Holley Self Tuning EFI Systems, click photo to enlarge Holley Self Tuning EFI Systems Holley Performance Products is proud to announce the release of its complete line of Avenger, HP, […]

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1968 Firebird 400 Convertible Restoration Video

Once again, Youtube has a great video of a 1968 Firebird convertible that has been restored to showroom beauty. As I just posted Part2 of our Firebird series, I thought you may enjoy this video. Happy Hunting!

1950 Buick Special; A “Special” Kind Of Rat Rod

1950 Buick Special Rat Rod, click photo to enlarge Rat rods hold a special place in my heart. They are the epitome of class without the flash. Building a rat rod takes as much skill as building a show car but with a different vision for the end result. Today I have a few pictures […]

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Good Video Showing Dent Removal On A 1936 Ford

From a good video showing dent removal, tools used etc.  More modern techniques can be used these days such as spot weld puller tools. These videos are very good for showing various techniques. Check em out. Part two is here on YouTube (opens new window) Part three is here on YouTube (opens new window)

Some Resources For Classic Oldsmobile Owners

As a Auto Partsman, and owner of a 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire, I am often asked where to find restoration parts for old Oldsmobile’s. There are a number of good sources I have found over the years online that I can share with you here. My favorite parts site for great parts for classic Oldsmobile’s is […]

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Is It Restoration Time For Your Classic Ride? Part 5 of a 5 Part Series That May Help

Our final restoration tutorial will deal with engine and undercarriage detailing. How many times have been to a car show, or cruise in, and seen beautiful cars, but the hood is closed. The reason is usually under the hood the car is showing every bit its 20 or 30 years. Now that you are proud […]

Old Timers Chevrolet Truck Parts; A Few Good Sites For 1947-1998 Vintage Chevy Trucks

I did a little research on the web for you, if you have a vintage Chevrolet truck circa 1947-1998. I found a few great websites with excellent parts such as disc brake conversion kits, body parts, electrical, drivetrain, and interior parts. For a good overall truck parts site for your vintage truck, I would suggest […]

Is It Restoration Time For Your Classic Ride? Part 4 of a 5 Part Series That May Help

In part 4, we will explore the wonderful world of painting your classic car. A question everyone asks is what paint should I use on my car. Old school cars used single stage paints when they came from the factory. These paints were durable hard coatings that were a fair amount of work to polish […]

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