1938 Ford Cab Over Engine Custom; If You Want A Unique Project, This Truck Is For You

1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE Front image1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE , click photo to enlarge

Today’s truck du jour is a fine 1938 Ford Cab Over Engine (COE as it is known colloquially) that turned up at a car show in Mission British Columbia Canada. Honestly I have very little useful information to impart upon you about this truck other than the obvious: it is probably one of the coolest restorations of this kind of truck I have seen!

1938 was the first year that Ford introduced the COE truck line as a work horse trucks such as flatbed haulers, tow trucks, fire trucks (in crew cab form) and a dump truck chassis to name a few of the then uses. Various wheelbase sizes were available for purchase; 101″, 134″, and 157″. The dump truck was based on the 101″ frame as were tow trucks.

1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE Right Side image1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE , click photo to enlarge

The power plant was a Ford flathead V8 engine making 85 HP.The owner of this truck I expect has since made major changes to the drivetrain as when it rumbled past I swear I hear a blower running which puts it in the modern V8 engine category. COE’s of that era had 4 speed manual transmissions to keep the torque flowing for hauling. Original trucks were dual rear wheels but the owner of this truck has changed it to an interesting dual axle design that offers a certain flare. I expect he uses this truck to haul his show cars around on the well designed flat deck.

One feature of the cab over was a the nifty front windshield that you could pop open at the bottom for fresh air at speed. Definitely would have added that wind in the
face feel when you were cruising at 50 mph. On second thought, it probably was just annoying over time!

1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE Right Side image1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE , click photo to enlarge

Anyway, finding one of these trucks to restore seems to be a very rare event with only a handful coming up for sale in the past 4 years. Most price in the $3500 range for a solid and restorable truck base to work with. This truck certainly is inspiring of what can be done with time and money to make a unique running hauler truck. BTW, if you are the owner of this truck , please email me sometime with any additional details you would like to share on this truck, I am sure all would be happy to learn more. Happy Hunting! :)

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