1946 Dodge 3/4 Ton Pickup; Postwar Workhorse

1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup Front image1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup , click photo to enlarge

After world war 2 broke out, retooling for new truck models after the war effort wasn’t high on the priority list at Dodge. In fact, it would be 1948 before a restyled pickup would enter the market place. This being said, a 1940 Dodge WC pickup is virtually identical to the 1946 version one seen here. During the war, like vehicles ferried troops around and did duty to help in the war effort.

That being said, we have here an awesome restoration of a 1946 Dodge WC 3/4 ton pickup. Under the meticulously restored exterior beats an original 218 cid 6 cylinder engine making 95 horsepower or so, and 172 ft-lbs torque. The engine mates to what was then an optional four speed manual transmission.

1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup Right Side image1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup , click photo to enlarge

The owner told me he found the truck in a field where it had been sitting for 30 years rusting. Despite that he went to town working on repairing and welding new steel into the floor boards. The outer body was in surprisingly good shape, with just surface rust being needed to be sand blasted off and a few holes repaired. The drivetrain was rebuilt after taking a year to find all the parts needed.

1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup Rear image1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup , click photo to enlarge

The 7.5 foot box has new oak boards lining it with steel skid strips to protect the wood. The whole truck sits on a 120″ wheel base and features heavy duty rear end and scary drum brakes stopping it. He did change the brakes to a dual master cylinder type for safety sake. Other Dodge pickups came with 9 foot boxes and 133 ” wheel base length for heavy hauling.

1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup engine image 1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup typical engine bay

Options on the truck include AM radio, windshield visor, under dash heater, leather bench seat, electric wiper motor and turn signals. The owner went for two tone paint in cream and black, two tone paints were optional on the Dodge WC.

1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup dash image 1946 Dodge 3/4 tonne WC pickup typical dash

The rarity of these trucks makes restoration time problematic as finding parts is very difficult. Parts for this truck came from Arizona bone-yards, and quite a bit was found shopping Ebay. The result here took 8 years of off and on work, but the results here speak for themselves: a really antique looking truck that is a head turner wherever he goes with it. Trucks like these don’t command high prices to buy with good examples selling for as low as $12,000 to a high of $30,000. So, building one is more a work of love than for profit. Happy Hunting! :)

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  1. lopez59 says:

    I am restoring a 1946 Dodge pickup wc all original. The original engine is running but i cant figure out how the trootle lines run from the gas peddle to the carburetor. Could you send me pictures of your engine compartment? lopez59 at gmail

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