CadZZilla; ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons Unique Vision

1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla Front View Right image1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla rolling down the road, click photo to enlarge

You see a lot of custom cars as the years go by and many are truly works of art. Then come a few that are really so exceptional you have to revisit them whenever you have a chance to rekindle your own inspiration for your next ride. CadZZilla is one such inspirational custom car.

The brainchild of ZZ Top musician Billy Gibbons and with help from Larry Erickson, this ZZ mobile exudes style. CadZZilla was was built and lovingly hand made by the late Master craftsman Boyd Coddington at “Hot Rods” by Boyd Coddington in 1988.

1948 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe Right Side imageThe type of 1948 Cadillac that CadZZilla started out life as, click photo to enlarge

Reportedly to have cost a cool $900,000 to put together, the CadZZilla we see here is a far cry from the original 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Sedannette it came from. Just for fun you will find a few pictures of the 1948 classic Cadillac of the same model, and it really becomes evident the changes the car underwent.

1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla Rear View Right image1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla Rear, check out those taillights!, click photo to enlarge

Boyd Coddingtons sheet metal expert Craig Naff re-shaped, redesigned and completely revamped the 48 Caddy in pretty much every aspect possible. I defy you find anything on this car that is the original to the 48 car. All the sheet metal was hand fabricated, the car was dropped, chopped and shaved to the exacting specifications of the visionary Gibbons. The car has suicide doors with shaved door handles, and quarter panels that just don’t quit ( I did wonder how you changed the rear tires…).

1948 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe Rear View imageThe 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe Rear view, it was a pretty nice car back then too, click photo to enlarge

The front end is a tribute to the toothy grille of the 48 car, with lots of chrome to show off. The chrome pieces and brass are all hand formed too! The body swoops back from the laser straight roof line to a sharp angular rear trunk lid and smoothie Cadillac fins finish the shapely car off. My favorite part of the car is the custom top of fin to ground taillights. They just grab you, what more can I say.

1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla Front Left image1948 Cadillac Series 62 CadZZilla Front, click photo to enlarge

The interior of CadZZilla is all leather trim. The dash is the outstanding feature, as it is shaped to look as if a jukebox was merged with the dash. Lets see you custom builders top that in hand formed dash work!

Mattel CadZZilla scale model interior imageMattel CadZZilla scale model interior, 1/64th scale, real steering wheel is wood… click photo to enlarge

Power is a 500 cubic-inch (8.0 L) Cadillac engine that is plenty powerful enough to move CadZZilla. I don’t have a picture of this sadly, but a picture does exist from a Mattel reproduction made of CadZZilla in 1997. Not sure if it’s exact, but it is an interesting collectible toy for CadZZilla fans, IF you can find one today.

Mattel CadZZilla scale model engine bay imageMattel CadZZilla scale model engine bay, 1/64th scale, click photo to enlarge

For Billy Gibbons fans Mr Gibbons is a major collector of custom cars and custom motorcycles over the years. CadZZilla is but one such car. Others are a 1950 Ford business coupe “Kopperhead’ title. ‘Slampala’, a lowered 1962 Chevy Impala and a 1965 Chevy Impala convertible ‘El Dorado Bar’. The custom bikes include ‘Hogzilla’ and ‘ZZ Funk 1’. In addition Billy collects rare and custom guitars rivaled only by his car collection. We here can say, Mr Gibbons we love your work, and your taste in rides! As far as the ZZ Top music, it has graced my cruise nights on so many occasions I have lost count.

There you have it, out little tribute to CadZZilla. I dare any of you to do better on a Caddy than this. And if you have, email us the details and we happily feature it here. Happy Hunting! :)

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