Parts Sources For Vintage Ford Enthusiasts

For those that love old Fords, especially Model T’s, A and the rest there are a few a good parts sources that you can visit online to find those hard to find pieces to complete your restoration. Please note none of the featured sites here are endorsement by this website, merely provided as useful information for the car enthusiast.

First up, we have a terrific source for carburetors for your T Ford. This site has EVERYTHING you could ever need for your T’s Carburetor. Parts for 1909 to 1948 cars plus pickup truck parts to year 1966. Hot rod parts as well.

Check out “Sacramento Vintage Ford” for more details.
A second great source for parts is MAC’s Antique Auto Parts specializing in all for 1909 to 1973. Body panels, emblems, mechanical, there is literally thousands of parts for viewing at their online website. The company is based in Lockport, NY. The company was founded in 1978 for all Ford enthusiasts and they have never looked back.

Check out “MAC’s Antique Auto Parts” for more information.
Third up we have Obsolete & Classic Auto Parts (formerly Obsolete FordĀ® Parts, Inc.) an Oklahoma based company with an extensive offering of parts for most any classic and vintage Ford. Parts for Fairlanes, T-birds, full size Fords, Mustangs and many others in online catalogs that are very well laid out and easy to use.

Check out “Obsolete & Classic Auto Parts”
Finally we have Sam’s Vintage Ford Parts out of Denver, CO. For the past 40 years Sam’s has been offering NOS parts for Ford lovers. Many, many parts for sale, and if you don’t see it on the website, do call or email them to find if they have the part you need sitting on their shelves. Great people to deal with!

Check out “Sam’s Vintage Ford Parts” for further details.

There are of course many more sources out there. Email us if you need help finding a good source for a particular part. Happy Hunting! :)

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