Parking Lot Finds; 1950 Ford F1 Custom Pickup

1950 Ford F1  Custom front view left image1950 Ford F1 Custom, Notice anything? Perhaps the exhaust system location? The roof is chopped and the truck is lowered several inches from stock, click to enlarge

Even a trip to the mall can be interesting for finding rare gems parked just begging to be seen. The 1950 Ford F1 is one such find. This truck was so custom that until I saw the front of the hood I wasn’t certain of the model year.

The pictures are from my Nokia phone and lack the color and quality that I usually present. It reminds me that even a trip to the mall means I should be carrying the digital! I spent two hours trying to photo-shop these pictures to something halfway decent and the results are below. Not great but passable. I waited around for the owner to show for a while but sadly I ran out of time to get his story. So the pictures are all with some description on the details that at first take get missed. Enjoy!

1950 Ford F1  Custom front view image1950 Ford F1 Custom, The bumper us nowhere near stock, I keep thinking off a Mercury but not sure. The grille is custom and gorgeous, click to enlarge

1950 Ford F1  Custom rear view right image1950 Ford F1 Custom, Much clearer view of the cool exhaust pipes. The big Coker white walls and add touch of class. The tailgate louvers match the hood louvers nicely, click to enlarge

1950 Ford F1  Custom front view right image1950 Ford F1 Custom, Hours were spent laying out the hood louvers I expect! click to enlarge

That is all the pictures I have, at least that came out worth viewing. Hope it is an inspiration for that upcoming winter project. Happy hunting! :)

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