The Next Great Auto Tuner Trim? Lets Hope Not!

For those of you that follow my ramblings you are probably aware of my disdain of micro size car wheels, those tiny wheels placed on classic cars. In only very rare exceptions have I found them ascetically pleasing. Then came the spinner hubcap, those goofy spinning center hubs that spin even after the car has come to a halt. Really a bad idea, you cant tell if the car is stopped or not sometimes and that presents its own danger for other drivers.

The latest invention? Neon light shining through the rim of the wheel. Take a look at the video for yourself… is this the latest trend or just a oddity. I hope its just an oddity as this seems like yet another ridiculous call for attention for insecure drivers.

In the case of a classic car owner (of which the video is not) I can only hope that such owners can appreciate that the car itself is enough to call attention to you. Maybe I am a purist, but leave the damn wheels alone! Put on mags sure, even a size or two larger (stock wheels are usually a little small) but stop trying to impress people with absurd lights all over the car! My two cents. Enjoy the video. Happy Hunting!
BMW with Neon Light WheelsVideo Source: Usenet

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