1972 Mercury Marquis: The Affordable Lincoln

The 1972 Mercury Marquis cars were offered as an alternative to the high end Lincoln line. They were big cushy riding cars, that offered all the bells and whistles of a Lincoln, without the price. The cars were available in 2, 4 door, and a wagon.

Power was provided by the big 429 cid, 201HP  engine that Ford loved for the 70’s autos. It was available with 2 or 4 barrel carburetors choices. Designed to eat up highway driving, low ratio final drive gears were used to keep the rev’s down on these huge cars on the highway.

1972 Mercury Marquis Grille1972 Mercury Marquis Grille

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The suspension was so soft, if you followed one down the highway, it would seem to float over the dips in the roadway as if they didn’t even exist. Couple that with luxurious bench seats that were much like couches on wheels, and the occupants of the Marquis were in a little bit of heaven.

1972 Mercury Colony Park rear1972 Mercury Colony Park rear

The wagons, known as the Colony Parks, were beyond roomy, easily seating 6 in the first two rows, plus 2 to 4 children squeezing into the rear area side seats. Who needs a mini-van when you had cars that were this versatile.

1972 Mercury Marquis1972 Mercury Marquis

The Marquis cars themselves were different in body style from most of their counterparts of 1972.  They had hidden headlights,along with very straight long body lines gave the car a lowered look using fender skirts on the rear wheel wells. The 4 door sedan and 2 door coupe trunk area was nearly as long as its hood, giving the car a a well balanced shape.

1972 Mercury Colony Park 1972 Mercury Colony Park

Is it  classic collectible? I wouldn’t begin to guess how many still exist today. Production data for the 1972’s isn’t readily available, although for some reason wagon numbers are known at 121,419 units.  Current pricing for one of these beauties ranges from restorable at $2,000 to $13,000 for perfect examples.

Certainly, if you are in one today, you WILL get looks, mostly by people wondering where that yacht came from. Myself, I would be tempted to find one to use as a vacation cruiser as that is what it was really designed to do. So if you are looking for something unique to collect as a classic, you could certainly do worse than choosing one of these 70’s Lincoln like cruisers.

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  1. darganbright says:

    I’m lucky enough to have one of these in the 4 door Brougham package and you do get a lot of looks. Floats like your on a cloud. My Dad bought it new and hardly drove it. Loved this car since I was a kid.

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