1930 Something Ford Pickup; How To Take Pickup & Rat Rod The Hell Out Of It!

Not so long ago, on Fathers day in fact, I ran across a pickup truck that just screamed coolness! It was a 30’s something truck( I think he said 1936 Ford), chopped to to the ground and old old school hot rodded, in rat rod fashion.
Skull Hood Ornament
The truck body was from a scrap yard company from the old days, with the signage having a nicely worn look on the door panels. Other features of the truck were a chopped roof line , and lowered as low as you can go without scraping on the ground.

1936? Ford Pickup Ratrod1936? Ford Pickup Ratrod rear

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Power for the little truck is a Ford 239 cid flathead V8, pretty much stock except for custom headers and dual carburetors. A 3 speed manual transmission with floor shifter transfers the power to the back.

1936? Ford Pickup Ratrod Flathead V81936? Ford Pickup Ratrod with 1953 Flathead V8

The owner and I chatted briefly on his project; when asked how long he had been working on it, he said “I bought it three years ago, and I’ve been f*cking it up ever since”. Not much more can be said other than that.

1936? Ford Pickup Ratrod Interior1936? Ford Pickup Ratrod Interior

The interior was gutted down to basics, a seat and extra gauges to monitor everything. The owner did note it was noisier inside the truck than outside.

I do think he has a great eye for style , and his truck shows it. You can’t help but look at it for quite some time and just say nice….

1936? Ford Pickup Ratrod 1936? Ford Pickup Ratrod Front

On another note, when he fired it up and drove off, the flathead engine purred like a kitten, and even with open headers, it wasn’t much louder than a Harley in sound level.

Hope you enjoyed this little truck. Go out and build one if you have the time to f*ck something up! :) Happy hunting! :)

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