Old Timers Chevrolet Truck Parts; A Few Good Sites For 1947-1998 Vintage Chevy Trucks

I did a little research on the web for you, if you have a vintage Chevrolet truck circa 1947-1998. I found a few great websites with excellent parts such as disc brake conversion kits, body parts, electrical, drivetrain, and interior parts.

For a good overall truck parts site for your vintage truck, I would suggest www.classicparts.com to start. This site has extensive parts for all Chevy trucks from 1967-1998. Hoods, fenders, patch panels, and a full range of brake, drivetrain parts. Also, has emblems and hard to find bits and pieces for restoration of your classic truck.

Jim Carter truck parts is another great site for old timer trucks. Terrific online catalogs or you can order paper versions if you prefer. They have an Ebay Store as well with a 100% satisfaction rating. Their website is www.oldchevytrucks.com .

1967-72 Chevy Truck Disc kit1967-72 Chevy Truck Disc kit

Do It Yourself and Save at AutoZone

For those that want to modernize their old classic Chevy truck, disc brake conversion is certainly a good place to start. Truckinweb.com has a good article on how to do a conversion of a 1960’s truck to disc brakes. For kits, www.inlinetube.com offers kits for not only Chevrolet, a full line of GM Chevy car disc brake conversion kits. Certainly worth a look.

For 1967-1972 GMC and Chevy parts, try www.manestruckparts.com has a huge selection of parts. Interior and exterior parts, along with mechanical parts. Again, worth a look.

For a good place to start searching for used parts, try www.usedwreckingyards.com . This site offers a state by state listing of auto wreckers, very handy.

Chevy Truck Custom GrilleChevy Truck Custom Grille and Lamps

Finally, there is www.LMCtruck.com, where you can find custom grilles, lamps for old Chevy trucks and chrome front bumpers. They specialize in custom truck parts for all American trucks, and have a good selection of old truck grilles etc.

That’s it for now, hope this has been helpful. If you know of other good truck part sites, or good old truck auto wreckers, feel free to email me and I will check them out. Email is available though our contact us page. Happy hunting! :)

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