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Lead Wheel Weights On The Way Out!

I ran across this press release, I thought it was pretty cool. I always wondered when it would become non politically correct to sell lead wheel weights. Just one of those goofy things you wonder as your day goes by as an auto partsman LOL.  Is it related to classic cars? Only vaguely but I thought for those environmentally conscious folks you might like to read this. Happy Hunting! :)


Ramsey, NJ, July 03, 2012 –(– Wurth USA, Inc., (WURTH USA) a leading provider of top-quality automotive shop supplies, fasteners, and tools, announced the launch of their earth-friendly wheel weight initiative today.

In an effort to support the National Lead Free Wheel Weight Initiative started by The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Company has eliminated lead wheel weights from their automotive and truck product lines effective July 1st, making them the first major aftermarket distributor to stop selling Lead Wheel Weights for cars and trucks. A complete line of lead-free alternatives is currently available.

“At WURTH, we’re committed to offering solutions that promote a healthier environment for everyone,” stated Michael Krause, President and CEO of WURTH USA, “We’ll continue to provide superior products that encourage positive environmental changes.” (editors note: company “spin” lol)

WURTH’s full offering of steel and zinc wheel weights provide the same fit, form and function as their lead counterparts and are engineered with the superior quality that has become synonymous with the WURTH brand.
Read More: Lead Weight >>>

We Have A New Server!

For those of you wondering what happened to us on the 19th, well my web host chose to move us to a new server. I have been assured its faster, strong more robust blah blah etc etc. Let me know what you think, is it faster? Maybe. Sorry for the outage, but the site these days is almost 2 gigs wide and it does take time to put it all back in place. Kudos to, they did a great job!

Btw, our IP number  has changed, so if you were coming to site directly via IP I would suggest you update that bookmark! Happy Hunting!

Not A “Classic Car” But Hey Its Just So Cool!

I ran across this video of a Dodge Truck amphibi-vehicle and I thought it was pretty damned amazing and I just had to share it. Maybe someone out there is building one that uses a classic car soon? I can only hope! Happy Hunting! :)

Double click video to go full screen

Make That Custom Pre 60’s Rod Safe

Bring the safety of a modern car to your custom rod. Check out Fat Man Fabrications for all your hub to hub items for that pre 1960’s car. The company offers complete hub to hub kits and other goodies to make that custom car a great driving and braking car. There is a great tech ‘how to’ section on the site in pdf form to help you get started.

And just so you know, this isn’t a paid advert, I just really think this is a great site to visit to help with a custom rod. Happy Hunting! :)
href=””target=blank”>Fat Man Fabrications

Mike Gatto’s Bill to Bring Back Vintage License Plates

This CA Vintage License Plate bill now is headed to the Senate transportation committee. If you support the bill, contact your CA State Senator or a member of the CA Senate Transportation and Housing Committee listed below.

May 31, 2012
Mike Gatto’s Bill to Bring Back Vintage License Plates

Passes Assembly
Sacramento, CA – Assembly Bill (AB) 1658, a bill by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) that would establish the California Legacy License Plate Program allowing car enthusiasts to apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for “classic” California license plates, passed out of the Assembly today by a unanimous, bipartisan 76-0 vote. The program would let car owners choose from one of three iconic California license plate designs – the familiar “yellow with black lettering”, “black with yellow lettering” and “blue with yellow lettering” – that adorned vehicles during the heyday of classic cars.

“California Government doesn’t do much for car enthusiasts,” said Gatto. “AB 1658 would enable the backyard auto restorer, the nostalgic, and the owner of a brand-new retro-styled automobile to choose a license plate that’s most appropriate for their car. And it will make the state a little money for the state too.”

AB 1658 specifies that the DMV will issue the vintage plates once 7,500 paid applications have been received statewide. Further, it stipulates that any monies remaining after the DMV recuperates its administrative costs be placed into other DMV-funded programs, which with recent budget cuts, have been short on funds. The bill has received an enthusiastic response so far, with many people contacting the Assembly office asking when and where they can apply.

“This is an easy way for the state to make life a little more enjoyable for those of us who appreciate the classic era of automobile design,” said Gatto. “California’s car clubs are ready to start the drive to reach 7,500 orders!”

Mike Gatto is the Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore of the California State Assembly. He represents the cities of Burbank, Glendale, and parts of Los Angeles, including Los Feliz, North Hollywood, Silver Lake, Toluca Lake, Valley Glen, and Van Nuys.

Members of CA Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

Senator Mark DeSaulnier (Chair)
Senator Ted Gaines (Vice Chair)
Senator Tom Harman
Senator Christine Kehoe
Senator Alan Lowenthal
Senator Fran Pavley
Senator Michael Rubio
Senator Joe Simitian
Senator Mark Wyland

Lone Star XXX in San Marcos, TX , Hosted by the Central Texas Classic Chevy Club

Join us for Lone Star XXX in San Marcos, TX May 4th, 5th & 6th, 2012
Hosted by the Central Texas Classic Chevy Club.
Featuring Classic 1955 -1957 Chevrolet Cars, Corvettes, Wagons & Trucks!
Weekend events include Car Show, Cruise to Dick’s Classic Garage, Shopping at Tanger & Premium Outlet Malls, Awards Banquet, Entertainment and more!

55 chevy couch1955 Chevy sofa with built-in stereo, click to enlarge

We will be selling tickets for a drawing for a custom made
1955 Chevy sofa with built-in stereo.
Proceeds to benefit Laity Foundation Free Camp.
(Delivery of the ‘55 sofa is the responsibility of the winner.)

Register online at:

TV Batmobile Replica Recently On Display at Vancouver,BC FanExpo

1966 TV Batmobile replica front view right image1966 TV Batmobile replica front view right, click to enlarge

Vancouver recently was the host of a huge comic Fan Expo at the new trade and convention centre, April 21-22, 2012. This was a great show, featuring toys and comics , as well as celebrity guests. The jewel of the show was the reason I attended, a hand built replica of the 1966 Batmobile . The car was a major hit at the show! For a small fee you could sit in the car and have pictures taken. What made me curious was where this car came from.

1966 TV Batmobile replica rear view left image1966 TV Batmobile replica rear view left , click to enlarge

The gorgeous project was the dream of owner Morgan Lachmanec, of Wild West Garage of the Cowichan Valley, British Columbia. Not a kit car, the project began in 2004 and was completed just 3 weeks before the FanExpo in March 2012. The chassis is not a 1965-1966 Ford Galaxie as the 3 major replica cars are built on (nor a 1955 Lincoln Futura as the original is from), but it is on a Lincoln chassis, a 1976 Lincoln with four wheel disc brakes. The project car features a 1999 Ford Mustang 4.6L engine, 5 speed transmission and makes about 250 horsepower.

1955 lincoln futura concept car image1955 Lincoln Futura Concept car. The inspiration for the TV car is evident here , click to enlarge

1966 TV Batmobile replica front view left image1966 TV Batmobile replica front view left, click to enlarge

I don’t have many more details, but the car speaks for itself. It is a magnificent
replica that Morgan can be proud of. I do believe its up for sale too ( it was at the show at least), so if you are interested contact Morgan at his web site: Enjoy the photos and, as always, Happy Hunting! :)

1966 TV Batmobile replica interior  image1966 TV Batmobile replica interior, click to enlarge

1966 TV Batmobile replica rear view image1966 TV Batmobile replica rear view. So much detail, the rocket port, and the parachute pouches are superb , click to enlarge

1966 TV Batmobile replica rear view close-up image1966 TV Batmobile replica rear view close up, click to enlarge

1966 TV Batmobile replica front fender view close-up image1966 TV Batmobile replica front fender close up, click to enlarge

1966 TV Batmobile replica front view right image1966 TV Batmobile replica front view right, click to enlarge

April Parking Lot Finds

1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe front view left image1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe front view left, click to enlarge

I have a couple of cars I ran across in my parking lot wanderings. First up was a very cool 1962 Cadillac Series 62 2 door coupe that was in really excellent condition. The body was straight as a die and the paint looked like it might have been original, or at least a repaint many many years ago, as there was considerable rock chips that had touch-up paint on them. The chrome was great, and the interior was used but good condition. The dash pad was showing its age with a bit of cracking, but otherwise ta very nice driver car. Sadly as usual my POS Nokia C6 phone camera let me down on a couple of the photos, but I did what I could in Photoshop to bring out what was there. I didn’t get a chance to talk to the owner but the Caddy purred like a kitten when it pulled away.

The second car further down is a 1968 Dodge Dart GT that seemed to be in the process of transforming to a hemi style street dragster. Huge tires were stuffed into the rear wheel wells and tiny tires up front. There was a very tiny single exhaust pipe on the car still so I was thinking it most likely was awaiting the engine upgrades. Seat covers were on the front white interior seats so the interior was best described as ‘rough’. Still the car has potential as a fun custom ride. Bad photos again but passable . Enjoy! Happy Hunting! :)

1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe rear view left image1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe rear view left, click to enlarge

1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe rear view image1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe rear view, love those fins! click to enlarge

1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe front grille image1962 cadillac series 62 2 door coupe grille, click to enlarge

1968 dart GT custom front view right image1968 dart GT custom front view right, click to enlarge

1968 dart GT custom front view right image1968 dart GT custom rear view right, click to enlarge

1968 dart GT custom rear view image1968 dart GT custom rear view, click to enlarge

1968 dart GT custom right side view image1968 dart GT custom right side view, click to enlarge

Some Rat Rods

Rat Rods. You gotta love em! I know I do. So it’s time to drool over a few of my favorite rat rods. just pictures with a few comments. If you have more pictures of cars like these please drop me an email. See our contact page for the address. Happy Hunting! :)

1948  Dodge panel van rat rod front view right image click to enlarge
1948 Dodge Van on a 1984 Ford truck 4×4 chassis.

1940 Ford Custom Rat Rod Pick-Up Truck with Hemi image click to enlarge
1940 Ford Custom Truck..not as ratty looking as some, but the Chrysler Hemi is pure fun.

1951 Chevy Truck rat rod front view left image click to enlarge
1951 Chevrolet 3100 pickup, bagged.

1951 Chevy Truck rat rod rear view left image click to enlarge
Box appears to be off a GMC, or maybe just the tailgate…

Chevy 3100 wrecker- rat rod front view left image click to enlarge
Chev 3100 Wrecker, love the patina of the old paint

Chevy 3100 wrecker- rat rod engine  image click to enlarge
Chev 3100 Wrecker, six in a row makes it go!
Read More; More Rat Rod Pics

Once Again, Parking Lot Finds

1968 Ford Galaxy XL front view right image1968 Ford Galaxy XL front view right , click to enlarge

I do love posting actual driver cars, and this gorgeous 1968 Ford XL (Galaxy) is no exception. This big swimming pool convertible was a wonder to behold. The paint was in good shape, and the chrome was good for a 44 year old car. Very nice. For those who care, the Galaxy XL did not have the Galaxy name anywhere on the car just “XL” emblems, as seen in the photo below. For now enjoy the photos, a history and more will come in another article soon. Happy Hunting! :)

1968 Ford Galaxy XL rear view left image1968 Ford Galaxy XL rear view left , click to enlarge

1968 Ford Galaxy XL interior image1968 Ford Galaxy XL interior , click to enlarge

1968 Ford Galaxy XL rear view image1968 Ford Galaxy XL rear view , click to enlarge

1968 Ford Galaxy XL front view right image1968 Ford Galaxy XL front view right , click to enlarge

More Mecum, More Fun!

1949 Divco Model 49N Milk Truck image1949 Divco Model 49N Milk Truck, click to enlarge

This cute little truck can be yours, just get you butt to Kansas City Mo, and bid!. Yes, its more more Mecum auctions, all Mecum, all the time. Well, okay I exaggerate a bit, but there are 2 great auctions coming up. The first is in Kansas City , Missouri this March 29-31, 2012.

The second is coming April 13-14, 2012 in Houston Texas. Both these car auctions are always great events so check them out.
Happy Hunting!:)


Tips To Help Ready Your Classic Car For Summer!

Well here we are once again with Spring just around the corner. It is time to get our classic car ready to roll for the Spring/Summer seasons. If you are like me you made an effort to store your car last fall to minimize problems now. However even if you didn’t, fear not we have a short checklist to help you get your car ready to go.

Drain and change the oil and filter.
I realize you probably did this last fall but moisture can build up in the oil while sitting in the winter. If the oil filter is new, just change the oil.

Check all fluids
Antifreeze specific gravity, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid etc. Kind of a no brainer but hey better to spell it out 😉

Jack up the car (safely!) and check the brakes.
Pay special attention to brake hose and steel brake lines. Replace any cracked hoses, and extremely rusty looking steel lines will likely need replacing. While the car up on jacks anyway, check the fuel lines, transmission pan and rear end for leaks. Yes even sitting your car can develop leaks!

Charge up the battery.
Obvious I know, but it will be low unless you had it charging over the winter using an external maintenance charger. Do charge the battery, your first start of the season will be a long crank so you need the juice!

Pull the spark plugs and squirt a little new engine oil into the cylinders via the spark plug holes.
There are of course 2 schools of thought regarding this. One is with this method you prelube the cylinders that will prevent scuffing of the cylinder walls on dry start. The other is my thoughts that if the car hasn’t sat more than 7 or 8 months, this step isn’t necessary to preform this step. Crank the engine with the coil wire off a bit and you can lube the engine using the starter without starting the engine. Your choice.

This step is for carburetor cars only!
When you are ready to start the car, use a little starting fluid and spray it down the throat of the carburetor, about 3 seconds or so. The carburetor will be bone dry from sitting, and this will get the engine running enough for the fuel pump to catch up and pump fuel to the float bowel (s). It also saves the life of your starter!

Some final thoughts…
A note about that first start up. Once you get the engine running, don’t immediately gun the engine “revving it up”. The reason being the rings will need to time to reseat themselves. Let the engine idle for 5 to 10 minutes, then take the car for for some miles. Do it easy, let her get fully warm before you want to get you foot into the pedal. This will give the engine time to reseat and run smoothly. Trust me it will save you big bucks in the long run! Don’t panic if you see some blue tailpipe smoke after start up, it is pretty normal for most any engine after sitting for a long period of time. Of course if the smoke doesn’t clear after running as mentioned before, you may have a more serious engine issue that will need to be addressed very soon…

All these steps are a guideline only intended to be helpful only. Do your own research or talk to a qualified mechanic for additional information. Happy Hunting! :)

Antique Auto Show: Old Economy Village, Ambridge, Pa

Something new in Ambridge, Pa this coming July 7, 2012. Mark your calender for this unique event.

Note: Updated by Source March 1, 2012

Old Economy Village will be hosting a pre-war Antique Vehicle Show on Saturday, July 7, 2012 in Ambridge, Pa. from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. .Vehicles will be displayed on museum grounds and along Church Street (street will be closed) in front of the site. Please no rods or customs. Antique vehicles will not be judged. Showcasing your vehicles in a museum setting is a unique opportunity to combine the history of machine and man. Food and other fundraising events will be held the same day on museum grounds to attract large groups of people. To be entered into the selection process early registration is required. Dash plaques will be given to the first 100 vehicles.

To register or for more information visit:

or email:

1951 Packard 250 Convertible: Is This Your Car?

Hello to all, my apologies for my absence of late, but hey it is winter time and my projects have been taking priority of late. That being said I have several images of a gorgeous 1951 Packard 250 Convertible. What we want to know is this your car? Write us and let us know all the details so that we can improve this article. Simple! See our contact us page to get our email.
For now enjoy the photos. Happy Hunting! :))

1951 Packard 250 convertible front view left image1951 Packard 250 convertible, click to enlarge

1951 Packard 250 convertible dash image1951 Packard 250 convertible dash, click to enlarge

1951 Packard 250 convertible rear view image1951 Packard 250 convertible, click to enlarge

1951 Packard 250 convertible right side image1951 Packard 250 convertible, click to enlarge

1951 Packard 250 convertible rear view right image1951 Packard 250 convertible, click to enlarge

Mecum Kissimmee Auction Results Are In

Mecum Kissimmee, FL Auction, January 24-29, 2012 is done and there were some awesome prices commanded by many classic and antique cars. The list below highlights some of the top sellers of the week.

1930 Packard 745 Waterhouse $225,000

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 427/435 HP, 4-Speed $275,000

1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe 427/430 HP, 4-Speed $270,000

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback 429 CI, 4-Speed $185,000

1941 Packard Darrin 180 Convertible Victoria $220,000

1957 Ford Thunderbird F Bird 312/300 HP, Automatic $200,000

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible 283/283 HP, Automatic $200,000

1963 Shelby Cobra Dragon Snake $850,000

A couple of reserve not met prices were notable. The 1970 Trans Am below and the 1930 Duesenberg were not sold even though the prices were good. Go figure.

1970 Pontiac Trans Am 400/366 HP, 4-Speed $100,000 reserve not met

1930 Duesenberg Model J Limousine Coachwork by Willoughby $350,000 reserve not met

My pick for awful car of the auction, a 1986 Cadillac Cimarron. For those unfamiliar with this Cadillac, it was basically a Chevy Cavalier “J” car with a few exterior changes to make it look “Cadillac” and upgraded interior with leather trim . The early J cars were pretty junky, clunky low price cars back then and the Cadillac version cost thousands more than the Chevrolet version. It sold at auction for $1,250 and is about all it will likely will ever be worth.

1986 Cadillac Cimarron 2.8L, Automatic $1,250

For more visit Mecum Auctions

1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Advertisement

1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Ad image1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Ad, click to enlarge

1977 was the final year of the bigger ‘A’ body Grand Prix, a car design that many car makers tried to imitate unsuccessfully. The styling lines of these cars were both curvacious and beautiful. The 1977 year was one of my personal favorites, up near my favorite year of 1969.

I happen to have a advertisement from the 1977 year that shows the pricing at $5,109 which was actually a pretty good price for a midsize car with so much flare. Pontiac was still building excitement, if not in the power train, at least in styling and flare. Plus you can pick these babies up today for about the same price as in 1977 for excellent condition cars, so if you are looking for a future collector car, these cars could be one to watch. Happy Hunting! :)

Repost By Request: 1913 Ford Model T; Ford ‘s 10 Year Anniversary

Repost by Request, originally posted September 2, 2010

Henry Ford’s vision of affordable mass produced cars was well under way by 1913. Ten years had passed since the start of the Ford Motor Company in 1903, and the result was 175,000 cars delivered in those 10 years.

Ford Model T Rad Cap image

Ford’ simplicity of design, a common chassis for all models, and drivetrain, gave Ford’s Model T the ability to be built quickly and efficiently, and most of all, affordable! In 1913, the 2 passenger Ford Model T Runabout sold for a mere $525. The 4 passenger Touring Car was $600, and the 6 passenger Town Car was high end at $800.

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